Spec Ops:

Curriculum Vitae: Special Operations

Decades of frontline experience in Security ‘Black Ops’ (interestingly, also as an intensive ‘target’ of Governments); with proven abilities in complex group dynamics manipulation to achieve goals, project definition and solutions within high pressure, hostile environments. Unique expertise within field of psychological projection (theoretical and applied) to targets (Opfers) with minimal feedback loop errors; target identification/acquisition through multiple dynamic operational parameters , and manifesting solution/s to necessary conclusion.
Reliable information extraction from (deeply hostile and extremely well funded) subjects, with or without Opfer/s awareness; remote psychological pressuring (group/singular) and data resource manipulation to confound target/s comprehension of core issues. Long time experience in conflict (local/global) resolution to attain requisite goals for overarching project completion; within tight resource constraints time/energy. Uniquely qualified in practical application of asymmetrical Ops, relating to and amongst other fields of action applied.

Skill set includes proven initiative to work with minimal start data, assimilate and identify necessary points of overview; with minimal outside assistance/contact. Defining, compiling and communicating complex social interaction reports with clear and simple advice; to act as required by circumstances.
Extremely creative, in operational theatrics projection and maintaining sophisticated long term (months, years) ‘illusions’ on Opfers; even to the point the targets believing their own ‘lies’ over determined reality.

Actively adopted and applied scientific methodology to define new and core aspects of psychology, reduced to an all-encompassing abstract theorem; with emphasis on individual (Sovereign) mind-set and group dynamics – Game Theory (as applied and described).

Opfer elimination: as the Government has repeatedly claimed over the years that I was responsible for the killing/harming of various persons (Gov. agents), and refused me ANY legal recourse – all I can state is the following: everything I have done was and is entirely within the remit of Operational necessity as described. They (the Government) have had EVERY opportunity to bring this to the Court – as I have requested innumerable times.

In short – it’s true, another string to my ‘bow’. Thank you!


Contact MI5 on Freephone : 0800 111 4645  for this and any other posts on the site; not that the cunts will give an ‘intelligent’ response (use of this contact and others already cleared by them 🙂


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