Confucian Confusion…

Sent to: on 3 May 2016 : This was a fortuitous response to the show earlier; more so that it shows the Government Agents (opfers) were/are active, and the level of their intelligence they seem to be chosen for 😀 ]

Listened to the Chinese chap earlier (sorry, cannot remember his name), the Opfers were intriguingly animated and opinionated.
Especially as they were in communication with me at the time; for all their efforts to jump onto the ‘bandwagon’ of what they thought (or wanted to believe) he was saying, I pointed out that in reality they had never put into practise what was being ‘preached’.

Hell, I knew (albeit, disagreed with the way it was expressed or maybe meant); then had to point out that the whole point of Game Theory is that it predicts ‘patterns’ emerging from a simple set of rules, that this is entirely different to simply ‘looking’ for such ad hoc.

Was going to send a copy the ‘leaflet’, but Internet Explorer through a hissy fit over the content for some reason. No matter.

Open – nothing to offend any potential readers really, sorry 😦
S. F. R.


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