Email To Government:

[Sent to S. Keaveney BBC & Government 30 April 2016]

to 6music:
Hi, again (bugger all for months, and then…), open letter as oft the case – pass onto Legal and PM:

As mentioned in previous communications to the Government via BBC (including Twitter) and your goons (opfers), this letter is more a confirmation that everything I wrote under the name: Segue Fulcio Radicitus and my own, was done with the Governments FULL and OFFICIAL blessing.
You (PM) have NEVER requested any retraction/rewrite of the contents/nature of the texts – that you were FULLY and INEXTRICABLY involved with; as per past communications. Therefore, all these texts are now formally/publically considered as your Official Government Policy.

The use of the Swastika with the publication of this letter, including your signature (the same as on the ‘Introduction’ and ‘Spec Ops’ documents) and potentially that of ‘other government’ officials (including Netanyahu), are the Seal and confirmation of YOUR actions and intents as expressed through YOUR officials.
Segue Fulcio Radicitus, Frodbodkin88, Martin Nickells

David Cameron*
Benjamin Netanyahu*

*Included the ‘graphic’ of their signatures; doesn’t appear in this email though. Will be included in the ‘public’ postings 🙂


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