Spare change Guv?

[Sent 3rd May 2016 to:]

Yep! Your favourite recipient of communications – PM + Legal!
It’s ‘open’, so you’re allowed to read it yourself I suppose, and anyone else for that matter:

What joy it must give you, when you look at your in-tray and find yet another missive from me – after all these months of silence as well 🙂

simple confirmation of your prior legitimising my ‘begging’ in opposite Downing St, Whitehall etc.; authorised use of your signature/s will be placed on bottom of this document and signs.
Well, you cunts1 denied me any means of income – so, to quote your own staff in these matters: “Fuck you”!
They’ve said a lot about you, you know the saying about ‘brevity being the soul of wit’ and all that.

Anyway, it won’t be ‘something for nothing’ as copies of letters etc. will be offered in return; including the ‘Swastika’ documents, added value and interest.

M. Nickells, S. Fulcio Radicitus, @Frodbodkin88

1Swear words will be redacted for the ‘public’ versions, including in other texts; no need for such wheedling here though, as the BBC/Government can provide the originals.

*Not just a term for your goons, ask your Agents.


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