Bucket List: P1

Bucket list: Invoking O.S.A

Why would I want to invoke the OSA when I’ve spent a large portion of my life fighting against it and its hidden enforcers? Or, it might well be asked: well, why haven’t you invoked it already?

Maybe it’s an act of perversity on my behalf, to do the one thing that would be one of the last things anyone in this field would like to find themselves having to do.  For to do so, pretty much sets up a warning signal that a ‘fuck-up’ has landed.

A fuck-up, yes, not one of mine though; for remember, I’ve spent years trying to get those fuckwits in Government to actually speak to me, and resolve the shit-heap in which they jumped head first into.

By invoking the OSA, they did the very thing that anyone who finds themselves in a ‘counter-espionage’ situation dreams of – an effective admission of ‘guilt’.  Especially, when added to by the repeated refusal of the protagonists to do the reasonable and intelligent thing: resolution.

I suppose, in this scenario is one of the things it is most definitely desirable to have done against you; so, why is it on my ‘bucket list’, or, indeed, why haven’t I invoked it before?

To understand this, it is necessary to gain some insight into the nature of the ‘work’ I was involved in, and how, the Government managed to screw up on a level hitherto believed to be impossible.  On a theoretical front, such colossal shitfuck could only be considered on a strictly ‘Blue Sky’ hypothetical level of reasoning; on the actuality basis of having made such decisions, sticking by them and then repeatedly without break or ‘deviation’ (ha!) continuing with the self-same formulae…

I was involved with the dark arts of Game Theory as applied to the mechanics of ‘Consciousness’, individuality and group dynamics; or, as it turns out, a fancy way of saying human interactions.

So, what is ‘Consciousness’? Even now, as then, that word has the scientific (and, admittedly, much of the rest of the) world at odds as to what constitutes it.

Then, I was blissfully unaware of these complexities and arguments; I applied Occam’s Razor (simplest ‘whole’ solution’) and worked on that, defining experiments that worked on myself and, eventually, those around me.  Those that have been in that rare and fortunate situation, where having found a correct path to a problem, then find ‘unexpected’ answers to other problems cascading into place.

O.K, it wasn’t quite as simple as that (never is really, is it?), but over the years a profoundly simple answer availed itself to interrogation and exploitation.

But first, it is necessary for me to once again to state categorically that the: Maharishi TM movement had ABSOLUTELY NO KNOWLEDGE OR INSIGHT into the nature of my research; that includes staff etc. Now, as then I have nothing but the deepest respect and affection for Maharishi, for his insights, and, as it turned out, for creating the perfect ‘laboratory’ (with his expressed interest in and encouragement in application of scientific principles).

[Mentmore Towers (Wikipedia link), this was where the culmination of the experiments took place, beautiful place…]

Indeed, Roydon Hall, Swythamley Hall country houses, places where the public could go and do various courses, and practice TM in a group.  Beautiful places in often in deep countryside, I spent many years in these peaceful places; spending long hours in deep meditation, discretely analyzing, experimenting and testing.

Not just ‘mental’, but physiological as well, effects on the body (mine) of vegetarianism, vegan-ism etc.  For the record, I am not (other than for experimental reasons) vegetarian; dead animals taste too good, it all comes down to personal considerations and respect for the world around us.  This is really a side issue in the big scheme of things – don’t let it side-track you.

Apart of and apart from: this sums up and describes my time in TM; I was never in the positions of ‘authority’ or ‘responsibility’, working in the grounds, or on maintenance, as a cook, a dogsbody, someone in the background, these were the areas of my humble temporal work.

I had no (nor did I desire) access to ‘information’ about the inner workings of TM or its people; of course occasional scuttlebutt would find me, aside from the minor incidental amusement such information afforded me about the doings and events, that was where it stayed.  I remember, having a chat with someone (staff) about the Security Services, and my response was simply that they probably already had people ‘on the inside’ since 60’s or so.

So, what was my value to the Government?  It wasn’t information or ‘influence’, for I had little or none of either – and absolutely no interest in working ‘against’ those genuine people involved in TM; an organisation I cheerfully worked and assisted in my own way.

There is a clue perhaps in that last statement: what do I mean by ‘genuine’? Perhaps the answer is simple, when I was asked about TM I often replied: when correctly practiced it does seem to work, but it won’t change the nature of the person doing it!

An arsehole practicing TM will – at best (?) be a more relaxed, focused ‘arsehole’.

Perhaps it would be better to phrase it thus: an innately corrupt person remains so regardless of the techniques the may practice (TM or otherwise).  Of course, this raises the obvious question as to what defines a ‘corrupt’ person, and why should it be so difficult to change their nature.  Ancient Traditions also ‘identified’ this ongoing problem, but their ‘answers’ were strangely garbled; why?


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