Bucket4: Heresy – jump in…

In order to understand group dynamics, it is increasingly important to comprehend how each ‘Cell’ works; it is clear that these cannot be considered as ‘fixed’ computers, that there is a much more subtle and complex mechanism in place.

That ‘feedback loop’ is a fundamental part of the process is obvious; it was also apparent that by analysing and understanding one’s own mind processes, could provide clues to this primal state, hopefully.
Thoughts, activity, settling to an ordered stated…’, this initially sounded like a coherent fixed Cell foundation, but, this did not fit with previous considerations. If the ‘primal’ Cell was ‘re-programmable’, then it had to be flexible – loose, it must also be internally stable; self-referring, self-organising

In order to maintain a coherent and stable core – it had to be self-organising. In other words, the internal building blocks were not ‘intelligent’, but worked ‘together’ to create ‘intelligence’.  In maths & computers, logic functions, equations – not complicated, but simple, added together to create complexity, the ‘world’ could be described mathematically; whether or not the Universe could be described thus as particles could have done the same job, bit like self-interacting Lego bricks. I didn’t know which, but either path ‘worked’ so in a sense didn’t ‘matter’. [Maybe both Masculine and Feminine, see tweets/emails to BBC frodbodkin88.]

This opened up new avenues of thought, that if ‘Consciousness’ consisted of self-interacting building blocks, then again, there was no need for ‘God’. None of this explained ‘humans’ yet, or the nature of the world around us; Cell group dynamics took on more subtle and intriguing hue.  My mind wasn’t fixated on one particular problem or set of, often flitting hither and thither, or nowhere in particular; once an ‘answer’ is found, this impacted upon other problems.

Of course, such a ‘Cell’ required energy (resources) to work; what caused a Cell to ‘collapse’ (re-organise), what were the possible consequence s? Was there a corollary to our own experience? Did this directly impact upon group dynamics, could this happen to a ‘group’?

It is easy to become ‘lost’ within the range of questions that could be asked; when that happens it is often the only option open – experience, that can lead – usually indirectly – to possible answers; what was being rapidly learnt, was that there was a ‘long’ way between the primal Cells and ‘us’ as humans.  At the same time, the group dynamics was proceeding nicely, if with the nagging thoughts that something else was missing in the core process of collapse and evolution maintaining integrity.

Mind games:
As I’ve explained several times, this is as much about the ‘process’ of working it out; over time the ‘words’ used have changed, for instance: ‘Cells’, nowadays I use this word fairly often, but, in the past I never (or very rarely) used this word in terms of ‘consciousness’. This has an interesting effect, it created a ‘blind spot’ in the thought process where certain aspects that words suggests (in context of the problems to be solved) aren’t available.

Originally, when considering these problems I thought/considered of it as – not ‘cells’, but ‘seeds/eggs’; this might not seem much, but it was enough to throw me of kilter for a bit. ‘Seed/egg’ is/was a much more useful description; for a seed contains a ‘germ’ surrounded by nutrients with a shell (Sovereignty). It was this that led me onto where, sometimes, Occam’s Razor doesn’t always ‘work’, in that by adding a level of ‘complexity’ can simplify/accentuate the effects without negatively impacting the ‘theory’.

Let me go through it again:
A ‘viable’ seed comprising of a random ‘germ’ (self-organising, self-referring) ‘within’ nutrients (access to resources):

1) The ‘germ’ uses up the resources, expanding.

2) As resources dwindle of a particular type, this forces a local collapse of the seed enforcing the self-organising aspect to adapt to other forms of ‘energy’; optimising attributes are ‘kept’ or added to – whilst freeing up resources. From its point of experience: ‘forgetfulness’ and ‘awakening’ (due to re-organising).

3) This repeats till the germ reaches a stable level of self-organising, self-referring, self-aware state of equilibrium. Forward planning/intent, commitment (resources/restructuring directed to ‘goal/s’) become ‘natural’ parts of its existence, due to this process; ‘forgetfulness’ (core data ‘remains’) occurs because of ‘system’ re-organisation.

This is the natural normative state for one individual on its own (sans ‘contact’), there is no ‘sin’ or ‘crime’ or indeed ‘good’; we will assume that there are plentiful external resources (otherwise, a very short existence): in effect, this is a sterile (‘boring’) scenario, completely alien to our own experience.

Let us have not just one seed germinating but X with resources (‘Communal’) enough not to be a concern; whilst there will be small individual differences in amount of cycles to individual internal states of equilibrium, this doesn’t negatively impact the end result. The interesting stuff arises when all the seeds have ‘germinated’ and start exploring their surroundings; and with this comes the introduction of:

Game Theory.
Think of it this way, put yourself in a situation where all the ingredients (raw resources) for a feast are there, merely requiring some effort to put together; consider this an ongoing repetitive cycle, this irons out ‘one off’ behaviour for overall consistent picture – as would be the case.  Imagine doing a lot of work, only for the some others to take more than their share of the proceeds.
How would you ‘feel’?

Information Shared:
From the point of view of a ‘Being’ (technically, we’ll start at the point where they’ve ‘grown up’ – self-aware and self-referring, still learning of course), after repeated exposure to such behaviour ‘good’ and ‘bad’ it builds up a ‘social’ picture of the world around it. Important core data, is gradually collected over repeated cycles – individual experience becoming part of a ‘collective consciousness’; group dynamics arise as part of individual choices/decisions expressed to other parts of the community.

Strangely enough, it doesn’t mean ‘you’ (or the ‘Being’) will automatically ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ a sentient based on that group distinction alone; this is something that even nowadays opfers have profound inability comprehending.
Despite frequent explanations that ‘my affability/congeniality towards a person, is more a demonstration of my relaxed attitude; and, let’s face it, even some ‘idiots’ can be considered ‘good’ company – in short term’ – it doesn’t mean ‘I think they’re OK…’. There again, this is a necessary scenario to extract information; if they are so desperate to think they’ve ‘deluded’ me – then go round saying I think x, y, z, are ‘OK’.  Well, certainly given them enough opportunities to ‘prove’ it so, but like the proverbial leopard, they can never change their spots. Another digression, but amusingly informative with it; ‘liking’ turns out to be a local phenomenon, it doesn’t change Class (History) attributes.

This actually demonstrates a rather subtle group dynamic, in a sense; to paraphrase ‘you can fool some of the Beings all of the time*, and all of the Beings some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the Beings all of the time.’ If this is repeated over a long enough time frame, what started out as extremely ‘useful’ becomes entirely self-defeating, due to the remembered linked group/individual ‘history’. Sadly for the opfers, I have an extremely good ‘memory’ 😉

Another thing that should be considered is that this ‘feedback loop’ can be very pernicious to those in the ‘Selfish’ group; by the way, just to make very clear – being ‘selfish’ doesn’t mean there isn’t an internal cohesive and coherent group dynamic. In fact, the whole point of this is to demonstrate that ‘they’ do WORK and OPERATE as a cohesive entity; it is the how and why fore that causes profound social problems.

…this ‘feedback loop’ can be very pernicious to those in the ‘Selfish’ group’, in the long term there comes a point where such a path is ultimately self-defeating. For as there is ‘intent’ as demonstrated by all Beings (as part of the ‘collapse’ process), this intent may well be ‘hidden’ behind the Sovereignty firewall; leaking out by actual interactions/actions – to quote the Bible, ‘you shall know them by their actions…’.

There comes a point however, when such is the cumulative effect of this ‘history’ that no longer is there any level of ‘trust’ between these two groups; in effect, a state of outright ‘war’ exists where there is no quarter given.  But, in order to make the best possible decision, is it not also imperative to understand the fundamental laws of the system that comprises of this ‘war’?

As in science, if one wants to advance and manifest material advantages, it is important to follow those ‘laws’; even if the ‘shortcuts’ seem to offer great advantages, they are much more liable to ‘blowup’ in ones face.  That said, it was never a ‘given’ that we would end up in this situation; for, this theoretical modelling of the laws from a ‘primitive Beings’ perspective, that future level is easily dismissed as a case of “I’d never be so stupid, I would ‘change’ my ways before that happens…”.

And maybe that was the situation in lots of cases, but it is a very slippery slope that becomes increasingly harder to overcome; no sympathy, for that was extinguished long, long ago.

As a catch up, for this isn’t quite as simple in some ways as might be concluded:
Through individual choices, Beings program themselves to act in a particular way; if this is not in tune with Social needs, then this ‘selfish’ individuals act in concert together as a group dynamic.  This leads to ever escalating hostile interactions between the two groups; ‘unfortunately’ (for the ‘Selfish’ that is) this turns out to be a long term disaster waiting to happen – it was/is absolutely critical that the ‘Social’ group/individual/s make the ‘best correct’ decisions to establish any potential advantage.

That said, things could have ‘fucked up’, and they would be writing their version of this and gloating over their ‘victory’; no wonder they hate me, that makes me feel all warm inside 🙂

Right Experiments, ‘Wrong’ Picture…
But, look around us, the world, the messed up politics, religion – Society; there was a problem in the experiments conducted, experiments were done correctly but there was a confusing picture. Things weren’t quite as simple as ‘good’ and ‘bad’, the ‘extremes’ were there, but there seemed to be a grey area that incorporated weird mixing that didn’t correspond to either.  This didn’t make sense; there was no ‘evidence’ of a third party as in ‘God’ – non of the data fitted, ditto for a putative ‘Devil’.

What Of They That crossed The Rubicon?
But what of those that chose ‘the wrong side’?  Are they damned for one bad decision?  The answer could be well be of “Tough titty!  It’s not ‘one’ decision, but an accumulation over the entire collective history; the consequences of which would have been drummed into them… Winning or losing”.
The Bible, rather more Christianity speaks of ‘Redemption’ (amongst other belief systems, quite widespread as it turns out); its often a good idea to check out a dictionary, here a brief section from the Oxford English Dictionary, emphasis is mine:

2 The action of regaining or gaining possession of something in exchange for payment, or clearing a debt:
the peasants found the terms of redemption unattractive
More example sentences Synonyms
2.1 archaic The action of buying one’s freedom:
beyond (or past) redemption
Too bad to be improved or saved:

Interesting!  Thinking about it, this would create a ‘third’ Class; though for this to happen, they (proto-redeemed) would of course have to had their collective arses whipped; nor can they be ‘forced’ into a ‘redemptive’ path, it’s entirely a matter of ‘free-will’. The whole cycle would be re-played, only this time they would be ‘fighting’ against their previous comrades; something which I find rather amusing to consider.

This also opens up new areas of experimental possibilities, a model that describes the complex social interactions and ‘confused’ dynamics of the world we live in.  Of course, the sociological reasons for why, wherefore and how we got into this world state of ignorance are of great importance; strangely enough, having a background/understanding of spying gives in itself a great insight into these fundamental mechanics.

To recap: simple Game Theory describes how it is possible to create 3 Classes: ‘Primal’, ‘Redemptive’ and ‘Selfish’.  Each Class has its own internal group dynamics, also externally interacting with each other Class/es for their own Personal and Collective ‘gain’.


*this is akin to self-delusion, in that if fits in with internal goals; all these attributes are useful in defining experiments.


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