Little love for law…

[Sent to Law Lords via: on 19  May 2o16]
I’ll use their ‘titles’ as well; it creates a nice contrast for future readers.

Lord Mance, Lord Kerr, Lady Hale, Lord Neuberger, Lord Clarke, Lord Wilson, Lord Sumption, Lord Reed, Lord Carnwath, Lord Hughes, Lord Toulson, Lord Hodge.

They have 16 hours to respond, starting  sending of this email (time sent aproximately 19:55 on 19/05/2016
Once its rundown, this email is considered ‘open’.

This letter is not by the ‘book’, and I know the crapulent arguments that are about to spout from you, such as: ‘this is not the correct procedure’.  Well, in the last 20+ years this has been going on, NOT ONCE have those cunts in Governments (plural is deliberate) EVER done anything concerning this ‘by the book’!

The letters, texts, communications that the BBC shall send you (along with EVERY other communication made by/for/ in concert with Governments), are ‘old’ news; in the sense that you should have received them as they were made.  Blame the Government for all failings in this area; they repeatedly made it nigh on impossible for me to do so; anyhow, admitted that they were already doing so.

So far, all very straight forward (for me anyway, I’ve done everything I can to resolve the situation); for yourselves, history will tell another story – and I have fuck all sympathy for you and those despicable scum that you have prostituted yourselves too.
Too strong?  Read… Wait, what am I saying?  Of course, those documents are old news as mentioned; so, in reality, this is simply confirmation that you fully uphold my position as declared within those documents.

Want to complain about the ‘timer’?
20+ years not long enough?
Don’t like the ‘Swastika’?
Look at the date on the ‘Good News’ letter – still complaining?  FUCK OFF!

Enough of you.

This is about me; as stated there has been absolutely no assistance/protection from Governments; thereby I retain and will use the right to procure weapons for defense/offense (Ops or other); and will use WHATEVER means to procure funds to continue.

This will be done with your full consent, copies of this letter and your gross and inexplicable failings to respond appropriately will be made public – shortly.

Martin Nickells
Segue Fulcio Radicitus

[25 May 2016 update: Read this letter VERY carefully, award yourself extra points if you can identify what they SHOULD (as in they didn’t do) have done…;) ]


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