Poorest will suffer from EU exit?

[Sent to PM via: shaun.6music@bbc.co.uk on 16 May 2016]

Oh well, as I write these words opfers just yelled out that ‘Bucket List P3’ has gone live, technically that makes it public; in that case there is no reason to keep the rest of this letter ‘confidential’ either – even though for PM and legal.  So looking forward to the ‘privacy’ terms as well…

Any complaints about this, remind them that they employed the gobshites to shout out in public, therefore they cannot employ confidentiality terms 🙂
PM and Co:
Some notes on comments recently made:
‘Poorest in UK will suffer from EU exit‘, I’m curious, as without doubt I definitely fall into that category:
NO income (Government denied me right to work/sign on)
Homeless   (see above)
No chance above changing – your opfers.
So, how the fuck will ‘being out of Europe ‘negatively’ impact me further?!
Furthermore, you know I’ve no consideration for that blowshite Johnson; both ‘sides’ are as bad as each other – still, it would be nice garner some insight into how much worse/better it could get…
Now for something completely different… (bathos/pathos runs deep and strangely):
Trumps recent comments about you: as noted, I do not care for politicians of any ilk, foreign or local; does this sound familiar: divisive and stupid, playing into the hands of extremists…  Fucking Hell!  You’ve been looking into the mirror again, and spouting what you see.  What a clever boy your are!
Onto a more enjoyable subject: as you know, Swastikas have been ‘flying’ opposite Downing Street for the last few months (still there this morning – I checked); occasionally I end up agreeing with your representatives, whom said, “Soon be Swastikas flying over Downing Street…”  Oh, how we laughed…
Kind regards in these matters and others expressed:
Segue Fulcio Radicitus
Martin Nickells

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