[Sent to: on 18 May 2016
Hi, open letter; reading through it, cannot be anything other than that.
PM, legal, Police, and EVERYONE past and present that has been involved in this.  Legally, your opfers claim that this has been done (as it should have been…)

Why is it, that whenever I describe ‘historical’ aspects of the Theory, or attendant practical models ascribed to it, that one or more of your opfers (agents) inevitably pops up shouting crap along the lines of: “We told you that“!

As you know full well the ‘unusual’ nature of these communications, for which I have lost count over the decades the number of requests made for to be ‘scientifically’ evaluated.  Again, NOTE, for this includes not only your scientists and independent, the media (including, especially the BBC – definitely NOT independent), as well as in Court.
It was/is (for you) one of the greatest historical blunders, in letting this ‘ability’ that was conferred upon your opfers, go into the public domain – AGAINST ALL MY WARNINGS OF THE CONSEQUENCES!
Of course, the ‘mindset’ (Class) of those that you chose for this was extremely telling to me – only ‘idiots’ use it for their personal advantage – NOT the Governments; and yet you still blame me… You really must like people laughing at you behind your back…
I digress.
Every time your opfers claim ‘credit’,for these ‘ideas/abilities’, from the past (Mentmore etc.) they OFFICIALLY ADMIT TO GOVERNMENT INVOLVEMENT, WITH ACKNOWLEDGED CONSENT.
Let us see how much ‘accreditation’ you want to claim, I’m game.
Make public how much you have directly invested in me, in this Operation; convert it into £’s to keep it simple. I’ll help by starting it off with a ridiculously low sum 0 (zero).  This will make you look incredibly generous, when comparing to your figure…
BTW. Like to thank the Chief of Police (past and present) for all the PROVEN protection I have received, no doubt, evidence for it will be given in full within 24 hours.  Still waiting for the previous requests, must mean…
M. Nickells, Segue Fulcio Radicitus, Frodbodkin88,

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