Politics of an Equation


Rather than post a full article, it turns out that its way more fun to let people come up with their own ideas/conjectures.  First, it should be pointed out that the Equation (Eq.) is fundamentally ‘apolitical/a-religious’; it simply describes the ‘natural’ consequences of interactions over time.

So, think about it and ask yourself: what kind of social system is best described by the Eq for our present time and ills?

Why, of all systems has it become linked to a form of Social ‘Nationalism’, and not a ‘closer’ fitting Communism?

To give a clue as to why the Government + Security Services were/are desperate to ‘smear’ the Eq with ‘Nazism’ (eventually  – as I knew it would be – entirely counter-productively), consider it from the Government/s viewpoint: the Government must have known the nature and consequences of the Eq, and the system it described; from the way it has gone about trying to prevent this information becoming public!

Western ‘democracy’ that was/is profoundly fearful of the potential consequences to its own status (more accurately, in accordance with the Eq: those in ‘authority’ fearful of the loss of ‘power’ and influence).

Funny thing is, if you looked up ‘Ethical Socialism’ (Wiki link), you will notice the epitome of hypocrisy that is a certain ex PM (HERE for a ‘clue’ 😉

In fact, send him copies of the documents on this site and letters to BBC – and tell him that: “I’m still alive…”
He’ll know what that means; and it will make his day that much shittier ;D

A small diversion from the main topic under discussion, but well worth it…
For Communist regimes such as Russia, it would have been a much smaller ‘step’ to accepting the nature and consequence of the Eq; even taking into account the reality of short term social upheaval.  But, let it be known, even though it would have been ‘simple’ – I NEVER ‘BETRAYED’ THIS COUNTRY!

Anyway, there is a hidden ‘sting’ to the Eq and how it relates to Social Politics, that is: history – social history; a ‘nation’ is the Social History of its people; each is unique and therefore Sovereign.

This subtlety was known to the Government, and used to ‘smear’ and ‘alienate’ any potential ‘assistance’ from foreign ‘powers’ (again, that was never part of the ‘game plan’; my targets were always those of a particular corrupt ‘mindset’).

It is the right of every living being to make up their own minds concerning the nature and consequences of the Eq; it also tells us a lot about the mindset of those  that sought to keep this information hidden from them…

Segue Fulcio Radicitus


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