Flagging dissent…

[26/06/2016  Generally speaking, I post this sort of letter to the Government then post it here; as I said ‘generally’, this is different – posting then sending… Fuck’em!

Edit 2: 02/07/2016 Sent the letter to PM via BBC about 20 mins after posting this on 26/06/2016; on Monday read the following in the Metro – makes yer heart bleed… 😉 :

{PM’s tears and anger after emotional speech
David Cameron wept after his resignation speech on Friday, aides revealed.
It was very emotional, one of his team said…

The PM was reportedly also enraged, saying: “Why should I do the hard s*** for someone else, just to hand it over to them on a plate?”}

Whats it feel like, Cameron?  Only difference is that I didn’t go around blubbing like a self-entitled baby!

Any cash donations for PM hankie-chiefs and stuff, you can pass onto me – I’ll pass that on when he explains himself to the public and myself – possibly!]

For the urgent and personal attention of the PM; involving State Security matters of his personal involvement and manipulation:

Though as stated above, this involves matters of State (and indeed, International) importance – for why else have ‘you’ invested so much in ‘covering-up’ the issues as previously discussed – a bit of initial ‘small talk’ helps things move along.

How did your little chat to the Country go on the Friday last go?  As it happens, whilst you were talking to the Nation I was but a few dozen metres away (I listened as it was broadcast live on Radio 4); curious is it not how things go, you yapped and I was placing Swastikas along with some science articles – with your (S.S.) prior permission of course!

Yes, the irony of the situation was not missed, as noted in previous communications the S.S. ‘laughed’ that Swastikas would soon fly over Downing St, and there they were as you were speaking…

Oh, and ‘thank you’ for how you have personally helped the ‘poorest of the poor’, as mentioned in your deep and pithy speech (again, mentioned in prior communications); on behalf of the poor, it was with pleasure to hear your voice throbbing with palpitations of happiness – mentioning the lowly and humble poor – whilst giving your resignation speech!  😀

BTW, how nice of you (and Security Services) to start using the police again to ‘deliver’ messages as I pass by (done in public, with no mention of the Official Secrets Act); the ‘message’ being somehow that you still exist in denial of previously stated FACTS!

The Government refuses to acknowledge our mutual involvement and interactions; let me go over the UNDISPUTED FACTS once again, remember what happened in Amsterdam?

‘Ei incumbit probatio, qui dicit, non qui negat; cum per rerum naturam factum negantis probatio nulla sit’

It is your ‘actions’ and ‘intents’ that have clearly ‘charged’ me with ‘crimes’ that you have point blank refused to clarify or make; the actions and intents of your Security Services in open collusion with named and unnamed collaborators – both National and International ‘charged’ me with unknown and unspoken ‘crimes’.

What was my ‘crime’, that must have been so heinous and grievous to allow denial of all rights and privileges of an innocent person?!

I was in a foreign country, constantly harassed by unknown and unidentifiable hostiles, whom – even after repeated verbal requests to identify themselves refused to do so – IN A FOREIGN COUNTRY HARRASSED BY UNKNOWN AGENTS – till it turned out they finally admitted being part of the British Security Services.


Complaining about the ‘language’, want to use it as an excuse in order to not reply?  Guess what, I’m ‘quoting’ YOU hypocritical wankers – I WAS THE ONLY ‘PROFFESSIONAL’ OUT THERE IN THE WHOLE FUCKED-UP SITUATION!  Deny it, go on make my fucking day – I was there, you puffed up cry baby (your picture on Friday’s London Standard) – where the hell was you at that time?

So, if you’re going to tell those cunts in the police bullshit lies, at least have the courtesy to take to fucking Court – as I’ve stated before: two Paths – it all comes down to YOUR actions and choices, you denied me ANY fucking alternative.  You despicable shit-heads in Government cannot even begin to deny that – can you?!

A choice of response avenues: via BBC, via Crisis (you know full well), via my blog: https://superinjunction88.wordpress.com/  where a copy of this letter has been posted – check it out.

Yours sincerely (more ‘sincerely’ than any of you, and that is another ‘fact’),
Segue Fulcio Radicitus,
M. Nickells


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