It is, I suppose that one could say a rare ‘privilege’ to be the subject of a ‘super-injunction’; if nothing else it shows that the taker out of such (in my case, the Government) has real and powerful motives in order to obfuscate the situation.

More importantly, it shows that they are deeply and irrevocably involved – or in other words (at least to some extent) I’ve done my job right… 😉

For further details read/contact ‘Letters…’ the following (though it should be remembered, that the very nature of a ‘super-injunction’ means that the buggers aren’t allowed to acknowledge that such an injunction exists…).

@frodbodkin88  I tweeted/emailed/texted a lot to BBC Radio6 – and via them, the Government – giving ongoing details; happily, most of these communications were ‘open’ to the public.

Oh, and send them my regards 😀

10 Downing Street – in short, fuck’em!