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[Update: sent this on 24/04/2016 to one S. Keaveny & company of BBC Radio6 ‘fame’ at: (Will take you to main BBC site)

Also sent couple of documents (most recent ‘Good News’ and the linked ‘Introduction’; though the Security Services seem to keep them up to date 🙂

Concerning the Good News sign (as posted), already received the official ‘blessing’ from Government Opfers. For some reason they were/are extremely desirous of not allowing ‘formal’ communications, no matter since they are still accountable for everything they’ve said/done.]

Shaun & co: as usual pass onto Legal and the PM – already expecting it.

Hi, been a while though you may have heard some ‘rumours’ and stuff 🙂
Ironic is it not, that the reason the Government refuse to respond to letters, etc., is because of its own self-induced Super-Injunction (S.I.); when they close options, others open up; copies of this and other communications will be placed in public.

The ‘path’ for Government contact is via the ‘Blackberry’, only they have the means to make such accessible. Below are a couple of texts already in the public domain, opposite Downing Street and elsewhere 🙂

Good News!

Security Services (including the yanks and co, obviously) paymasters have agreed to the Super-Injunction ‘SWASTIKA’!

I appreciate the irony in using this particular symbol; indeed, it was part of a complex and in-depth discussion years ago (they wanted me to use for myself “the most hated and despised symbol…”, at that stage there was – and probably still is only one choice…).

Weirdly, having got ‘their way’ in these matters, they were/are still complete arseholes about the whole thing. Really can’t please some people, happily (?) they refused to commit any changes in writing – so am sticking with it. Funnily enough, in the bigger picture it worked out surprisingly well 😀

Included is the PM’s/Presidents signature (see the ‘Introduction’ document); the range of potential signatures is admittedly potentially vast, both past and present – the ‘future’ is also catered for.

This sign will be posted in public opposite Downing St, give the dipshits a ‘chance’ to make appropriate amends for the past.

@david_cameron , @UGLE_GrandLodge, @c_of_e Of course email the BBC, media etc.
S. F. Radicitus, M. Nickells, Frodbodkin88

[Some additional ‘good news’ is that am able to use the Seal of ‘royal’ assent, though which ones I’ll decide later. Below is the ‘Introduction’ letter.]

These documents are effectively a signed confession, cleared by SS and those wankers in 10 Downing St – fuck’em!

Due to the length of time and complexity of the situation, plus the necessity of reducing such to a manageable and readable format for ease of reading and comprehension, necessitates that over the years I have expressed the same information in multiple ways; in all probability this will continue.
CV is self explanatory, it contains useful hints and indications; easily updated with extra information.

The Equation as described is remarkably useful in that it acts as a ‘mirror’ to those interacting with it: for a lot it seems to be at first a curiosity; for some though it evokes a deeper, pathological fear that is expressed through their actions. It was this group that became the main focus of interest.

Unfortunately (or luckily, depending how one looks at it), this ‘fear’ was and is remarkably common in the upper echelons of Government/s and other positions of authority (perceived and real) ; ‘unfortunate’ in that such positions naturally attract this type of mindset – they’re the ones that have the ‘authority’.

‘Luckily’ this also makes them a damn sight easier to identify and observe, the catch22 is that they are the ones in a position to make things awkward. The really intriguing aspect arises with the understanding that there is clearly a ‘coherent’ group dynamic going on; this became the focus of my studies and startlingly successful experiments.

So ‘successful’ was this, that it is the reason I’m currently languishing at my ‘leisure’ on the streets, with regular promises from the Opfers that: I’ll never work again, and they will never let me be.

Have to say this for them (Opfers), they have been incredibly consistent in their attitude, and they are always hanging around 24/7 and making sure I’m aware of it; such darlings otherwise, in the things they say and do. For as much as they have messed my life up (under orders from PM, something the Gov has refused to deny), so have opened up other opportunities. Life is never dull with them around, though they have placed so much effort in the art of being tedious – this ‘effort’ has an incredible value in more ‘esoteric’ areas.

For instance: they have repeatedly (note: every chance was given for them to change their minds, simply by putting it in writing as requested): the PM (Government) has agreed that the Swastika [ * 1888] is a wholly legitimate symbol of protest at their actions (then, and ongoing). This was agreed years ago, and not a hint of denial since…

Also, they completely refused to put in writing any of the claims they have made about me (apparently to do so, would constitute as ‘libel’); but, they are extremely happy to make these claims verbally, and then tell them not to tell me about it.
Slander, is the term that leaps to mind concerning these matters…

Signed: David Cameron** Martin J. Nickells Date: 12/02/2016
Segue Fulcio Radicitus, @frodbodkin88

*Public version includes a hand drawn Swastika (photocopied). **Public version also includes PM’s signature.


The ‘reason’ for me being on the ‘street’, is fucking simple: It’s because of YOU corrupt scum!

If you despicable twats had used common sense/decency and had asked for MY side of the story (instead of automatically siding with those cunts in Government/Security Services – namely, hiding behind the Official Secrets Act – the Church of England’s new ‘all-powerful’ ‘God’), then NONE of this would have occurred!

Oh no, instead of doing the correct and fucking obvious (legally as well as morally) gaining a full insight into previous and ongoing events, you licked the Governments arsehole with everything you had – and now… FUCK YOU!!!

You hypocritical shit are directly responsible, and for the consequences of such; the events I have detailed are included in communications to the BBC (open letters sent to the Government via BBC Radio6, on Twitter: @frodbodkin88)
Still, those wankers in Government cleared and agreed to make this letter ‘public’ – not that the shit had much choice.

S. Fulcio Radicitus, M. Nickells, @Frodbodkin88

Phone C. of England : +44(0)20 7898 1000   @c_of_e

{Have to say, looks a lot better properly formatted on the posters; the fact they are posted in public opposite Downing St also adds a certain piquancy – contact you later 😀
Martin Nickells,
Segue Fulcio Radicitus,

Contact MI5 on Freephone : 0800 111 4645 for this and any other posts on the site.