Connections (St Martins Et Al)

[Foreword: this may well seem way out there and out of the blue, but, as with the FreeMasons there is a surprising amount of ‘history’.  That, and as some chap reminded me the other day, the ‘Queen’ is its head… Oh yes, all these documents posted have been in the public domain for a while – as in opposite Downing Street.]

The ‘reason’ for me being on the ‘street’ is fucking simple: It’s because of YOU corrupt scum!

If you despicable twats had used common sense/decency and had asked for MY side of the story (instead of automatically siding with those cunts in Government/Security Services – namely, hiding behind the Official Secrets Act – the Church of England’s new ‘all-powerful’ ‘God’), then NONE of this would have occurred!

Oh no, instead of doing the correct and fucking obvious (legally as well as morally) gaining a full insight into previous and ongoing events, you licked the Governments arsehole with everything you had – and now… FUCK YOU!!!

You hypocritical shit are directly responsible, and for the consequences of such; the events I have detailed are included in the communications to the BBC (open letters sent to the Government via BBC Radio6, on Twitter: @frodbodkin88)

Still, those wankers in Government cleared and agreed to make this letter ‘public’ – not that the shit had much choice.

Phone : +44 (0)20 7898 1000

S. Fulcio Radicitus,  M. Nickells,  @frodbodkin88

[Please feel free to pass on these documents to ‘interested’ parties as below, including the wankers in Downing St.; though evidently under the combined Official Secrets Act and ‘Super-Injunction’, they will do their damnedest to ‘pretend’ nonexistence of the issues.  The reality of events dictates otherwise, however…]

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