Good News!

Security Services (including the yanks and co, obviously) paymasters have agreed to the Super-Injunction ‘Swastika’!

I appreciate the irony in using this particular symbol; indeed, it was part of a complex and in-depth discussion years ago – they (Government) wanted me to use for myself “the most hated and despised symbol…”, at that stage there was – and probably still is only choice…

Weirdly, having got ‘their way’ in these matters, they were/are still complete arseholes about the whole thing.  Really can’t please some people, happily (?) they refused to commit any changes in writing – so am sticking with it.  Funnily enough, in the bigger picture it worked out surprisingly well 😀

Included is the PM’s /President’s signature (as in the public ‘Introduction’ document); the range of potential signatures is admittedly potentially vast, both past and present – the ‘future’ is also catered for.

This sign was posted in public, with the full knowledge of the Security Services, giving the dipshits a chance to make appropriate amends.

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