Questions for the Church…

‘How’, ‘Why’ and ‘When’ Of Ending Up On The Street.

The ‘when’ is relatively easy, circa 1997 in Amsterdam; the ‘how’ and ‘why’ are rather more involved and complicated; as this directly implicates the Security Services and (as it turns out) various Governments and their agencies.

For instance, to bring things up to date and in context: this morning (Friday, 6 May 2016) whilst writing this, I asked the opfers again about their continued persecution of myself: What had I done wrong? What laws had I broken as grounds for their actions against me? What could I say/do to bring about change to the situation?

You’d think after all these years they must have come up some answers – no matter how feeble; well, if you call the Official Secrets Act as something other than a smoke screen to hide behind. Opfers, bleating out that (you claim) I ‘already knew’ isn’t a fucking answer, especially by following it up with “not allowed to tell you”!

Once again, I repeated that for them to involve the OSA against me, I must have been involved in Government Ops in some way; that this Op involved (at least indirectly) the TM movement (Maharishi Mahesh Yogi). Something I went into some depth – and would have gone into much deeper willingly – in communications with the BBC.

So, why did the SS involve the Church, when I went there as someone in genuine need of assistance (aside from SS involvement)? Why did the Church and its representatives fail so catastrophically in what should have been the simplest of questions?

Even as I write the opfers interfere – why was I refused and ignored when it came to my side of events?  Again opfers!  ‘Unusual’ abilities are NOT A CRIMINAL OFFENCE!  I requested numerous times for a formal interview – that was repeatedly rejected.  WHY?  Unless you actually knew what this was all about, and that I had NOT committed any ‘crimes’, and the abilities were PROOFS of the experiments that transcended the temporal constructs that you were/are bound by.

Again idiots, if you knew how to observe the environment I was living in at that time, you would know that it was imbued with scientific methodology; it’s all about putting that methodology into practice – and that is/was always down to the person/s doing it.

Yet again, the fuckwit opfers bleat ignorantly: experiments DEFINE the theory – feedback loop, you stupid cunts!

What laws did my experiments break then? If none, as the answer has to be otherwise you shitty wankers would have been all over it; then the real problem has to be with the results of the experiments, and the implications.

Opfers: then the Church (+ all the others) must have DEFINITIVE proof of my ‘guilt’, why else should they have gone down this path of madness? Why is this ‘proof’ impossible to divulge to the general public, yet you use a ‘Super-Injunction’ against me?

Answer = you bullshit, fuckturd liars!!!