Verifiable kindness…

Government Agents (opfers) whom publicly admitted to representing the Church of England as well – this in itself is very old news, but is always nice when they re-confirm such information; anyway, this gives them another chance to reject the opportunity to deny it in writing.

Actually, for those that may remember the number of Tweets I sent in a day, represented a small portion of the potential I could have sent recording every interaction.  Remember, this is going on day and night for years; and still the dickheads never learned…

On one level, such mind boggling stupidity (in an Intelligence sense) is of equally profound use to me; as I have previously stated, it is their predictability that allows me plentiful opportunity to counter-instruct through their weaknesses, and build bridges of their failings.

Oh yeah, this post was about their (including all they represent, Church of England, Freemasons, America, China, Russia, N. Korea, in all areas) admission of full culpability and liability, in everything they’ve said/done.

Again, with plonkers such as these – who needs friends or allies 😀


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